LOWA x GORE-TEX – Nature Clean-Up

Nature provides us with all sorts of unique oppor­tunities to experience unfor­gettable adventures and enjoy very special moments. More and more people are making a conscious decision to get back in tune with nature. But the decision by more and more people to get back in tune with nature also results in a greater and greater impact on the envir­onment. You hear words like “awareness” and “mind­fulness” a lot in discussions about this trend – but what exactly do people mean when they use them?

An example: The practise of taking your trash home with you after a tour now comes second nature to many people. Such steps, no matter how tiny they may seem, can be the key to a mindful and sustainable outdoor lifestyle. But if you look around outdoors, you will certainly see many places that certainly have room for improvement.


Forests, seas and hiking trails are the foundation of our outdoor adventures and the basis of our activities. This is why it is extremely important for us to keep these natural spaces free of our litter and habitable for members of the natural kingdom. Our Nature Clean-Up project is designed to raise awareness levels about the presumably small things in life and to focus on protecting unspoilt habitats. Each movement of the hand and each ever-so small step help to preserve a vibrant kingdom of plants and animals. Let’s make clean-up a habit!

We #bagyou to clean up!

Under the hashtag #ibagyou, we prover­bially extend a helping hand to nature and urge you to help us to put this commitment into action.

But where should you put the litter you have collected? All you need is one of our Clean-Up Bags, sacks that are made of recycled material and can be reused. The small, foldable bags equipped with a practical dry-bag click fastener can be stored virtually anywhere. No matter whether you are taking a walk through a valley, an Alpine tour and a leisurely stroll through the city park – the Clean-Up Bag fits easily into every pocket and can be used everywhere. The bags are made of recycled material and have one special feature: They can be washed and used as frequently as you like. On average, 75 percent of a recyclable plastic bottle goes into making each Clean-Up Bag. As a result, the bottle is rein­troduced into the circular economy, receives a new, mean­ingful lease on life and serves as a symbol of a litter-free envir­onment.

You will find the bags in retail stores and our online shop.

Leave nothing behind – tips for sustainable hikes in nature

Awareness and a sustainable approach to nature go hand in hand. Anyone who heads out into the great outdoors can make a positive contri­bution in many ways. These ways include the type of travel used to reach and return from a destination, the selection of equipment or the approach to litter – there are all sorts of ways to minimise your footprint in nature. To lend you a hand, we have compiled some helpful tips about sustainable hikes in nature for you.

RENEGADE GTX MID – your true companion for upcoming clean-up hikes

Are you still looking for the right partner for your next clean-up adventure? – don’t worry: We can naturally provide you with the support you need! With our RENEGADE GTX MID, we have a true hiking-boot icon for you. No matter whether you are planning a clean-up day with your children, a stroll through the woods with your dog or a hike with the special person in your life – you will be equipped in the best possible way with a pair of our RENEGADE GTX MID on your feet and can focus more intensely on your nature clean-up as a result.