Tech­no­logies for Climbing Getting to know the rock.

Bouldern in Africa

Alpine climbing, athletic climbing on rocks or in the hall, boul­­dering and free soloing – climbing is performed in the widest range of ways. The primary goal is not really the athletic aspect of the activity. Rather, it’s the overall experience or the scaling of a wall or the completion of a route that counts.
No matter whether you are indoors or out on Alpine terrain: Good grip, precision and perfect fit are essential when someone selects a pair of climbing and boul­­dering shoes.

Image photo with the SPARROW Ws, Bilderauswahl HochzweiMedia August 2020

Sport and rock climbing Technical features for direct contact to the wall.

Simon Gietl Pakistan

“Rock climbing not only enabled me to realise I had a passion for the mountains, it was also a voyage of self-discovery.”

Simon Gietl | LOWA PRO Team

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High-friction sole A good sole for a climbing shoe will produce a high degree of friction and and thereby perfectly mould the shoe to the surface of the rock or climbing wall.

Fit For the wearer to be able to stand on the narrowest of edges, the shoe must perfectly fit and optimally encase the foot.

Generalist Routes taken in climbing often vary signi­ficantly. For the shoe to perfectly meet every challenge, it should be designed with a broad range of uses in mind.

Other tech­no­logies for Sport and rock climbing:

Resoling LOWA boots sold in the MOUN­TAIN­EERING and TREKKING categories are designed in a way during the devel­opment phase that they can be resoled. This process will extend their service life and make a strong contri­bution to sustain­ability.

WOMEN LAST Lasts specially adapted to the anatomy of women’s feet.